The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has signed and issued the so-called ‘decretone’ containing measures on the income of citizenship and quota 100 regarding the pension system. After the signature of the head of state, comes the enthusiastic comment of deputy premier Luigi Di Maio who, on his Facebook profile, writes: “Welcome back State Social!”.

“Now I am waiting for the moment when, thanks to the work of deputies and senators, it will sign the law with which we will cut the salary of all the parliamentarians and finally we can say GOODBYE PRIVILEGES! 2019 – concludes Di Maio – will be a great year! “.

The news in terms of pensions to date Monday, January 28, 2018 concern the publication of the decree in the Official Gazette. The publication of this decree in the Official Gazette seems to be rather expected , a news that has been reiterated also during the weekend by several exponents of the 5 Star MoVement. This is the long-awaited decree that was approved on January 17 and contains many new pensions such as quota 100, citizenship income, life expectancy and extension of women’s option.

After being approved by the Council of Ministers, the times have become a bit lengthy since only last Thursday was sent to Mattarella for signing and now it is only waiting for the publication in the Official Gazette that should take place today Monday 28 January 2018, at most tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29, otherwise there could be some rather serious problems. These could concern a whole series of clarifications and emphases that came directly from the President of the Republic Mattarella, for if the publication did not take place between today and tomorrow, the government could be put in a position to respond to it.

This delay could be charged to the problem of coverage, especially for future years or the fact that Wednesday in Parliament will vote on the possibility of proceeding against Salvini for the eighteen case with the 5 Star Movement that has sided in favor. It is almost unthinkable that Salvini may want to bring down the government for this very reason, but obviously before issuing a decree so important, perhaps someone would be trying to figure out how it could end this story.

What is certain is that the times continue to lengthen and many pensioners who would have already matured the requirements to be able to retire, await the decree and the circular consequences of INPS to understand if there are times and especially to understand how and what to do to get out of the business world.

The innovations introduced by the decree, as we know, are 100 and citizenship income. Quota 100 is the measure that gives the possibility to workers who want to leave the world of work well in advance to be able to do so once the requirements are fulfilled, that is, one from the point of view of personal data and the other contributor. It will be necessary for these workers to be 62 years of age and have matured 38 years of contributions. The income of citizenship instead would be the measure to combat poverty che would come to all those families who find themselves living in a situation of particular gravity from the economic point of view, but towards those who are in a condition of social exclusion and from the world of work. These are two very important measures, which require considerable resources.