The blitz of the politicians who reached the Sea Watch and stayed on board more than six hours to collect the testimonies of the migrants and document their situation, gave way to a relay race that mobilized the opposition within half a day. The ‘la’ gave him the secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, and the deputies Riccardo Magi of + Europe and Stefania Prestigiacomo of Forza Italia: it was she, in possession of a boat license, to drive a rubber boat; on board, the other two political exponents, the mayor of Syracuse, Francesco Italia, a lawyer and a doctor. Together they reached the ship of the NGO for three days moored in the harbor, in front of Syracuse, with 47 migrants and climbed on the boat.

“We did a blitz – announces Fratoianni – using a dinghy, with us there are also a lawyer and a psychologist”. Some migrants showed politicians signs of torture in Libya .

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The reaction of the Minister of the Interior, Salvini, is ready: “They do not respect the laws and favor illegal immigration”. “It is illegal to prevent an inspection”, they replied, stating that this type of activity is “constitutional prerogative of parliamentarians”.

“The Italian government – said deputy premier Luigi Di Maio at ‘It’s not the Arena on La7 – is engaged in these hours to produce with the authorities all the information with the judiciary so that we can seize the boat . to get these people to the Netherlands, I do not have to register those who disembark in Italy, if the Dutch government registers them, and if the ship is not Dutch, the government has to say it but this is having an ambiguous attitude “.

On the ship, some migrants showed signs of abuse and torture in Libya. “Their situation is painful – said the psychiatrist Gaetano Sgarlata – I had talks with 10 people, including three children.There is a person who lost an eye, people with cuts and fingers deformed by the blows received “. A picture that also emerges from the words of the parliamentarians.